Remote Control (R/C) Hobby Page
Last Updated: 7/9/08
Well, I blew up my first flying wing, burned the speed controller.
What to do? Get a new Wing of course!

I've upgraded to a bigger better speed controller, and in the process also got a new wing, it's the Mini-XE, which is smaller and faster than the original XE2 I had for the past few years. Looking to get about 90Mph out of the new setup, and do more vertical flight. The cooling duct for the speed controller turned out great, the lighting system... not so much. I'm going to attempt again as an external/removable system, possibly with a nanoarduino to open up some interesting possibilities including an autopilot. One add on that did work was a 4th channel relay switch, which I can now turn on and off with a toggle on my transmitter. I can eventually use this for various things like turning lights on and off, or even a bomb-drop (I'd be dropping something harmless, it's not like this can lift anything heavy anyway).
Pictures (wing resting on couch):
Wing on CouchWing Googly eyes!
This is an awesome FPV video I found on youtube, check out the end- hilarious!

My First Flying wing: Combat Wings XE2 (RIP)
Berkeley Marina Video (2004):